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Single Session Therapy (SST)

Single-Session Therapy (SST) is designed for patients who, for whatever reason, do not find a regular, medium or long term therapeutic commitment helpful or accessible.

At Change of Harley Street, SST appointments are available with Emeritus Professor Windy Dryden. SST takes place one contact at a time, and one contact may be all you need. At the end of the session, Professor Dryden will invite you to reflect on and digest what you learned, act on it and see what happens before deciding whether to seek another session. In SST a block of sessions is not offered routinely, but can be arranged if you decide together that this is indicated.

It is particularly helpful for those who have found previous therapy either unrewarding or failed to get to the nub of the issue. And for those who are therapeutically 'stuck', and need a fresh perspective. Some people do not want a deep analysis of their past, but rather a practical approach to dealing with specific issues troubling them in the here and now.

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