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Change of Harley Street
Change of Harley Street

Group Analytic Psychotherapy

Our psychotherapists are accredited members of the BACP and the UKCP. They are qualified Group Analysts and registered members of the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA). They offer both individual and group psychotherapy at Change of Harley Street.

Individual psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential place to talk about your thoughts and feelings. It can lead to an understanding of why you may be repeating patterns or experiencing difficulties in your personal or professional life. The process can be challenging and painful, but often gives rise to new aspects of self-awareness and leads to positive changes. Individual psychotherapy can be short or long term – depending on the complexity of the issue you need to resolve.

Group psychotherapy holds usually no more than 8/9 members, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It is confidential and boundaried; members do not have relationships outside of the group setting, only within it. Clients are encouraged to remain within the group for at least a year. The group itself is a valuable source of support and feedback and helps members understand what it means to fully relate to each other. It promotes interpersonal skills and self-awareness.