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Change of Harley Street
Change of Harley Street

Executive Coaching

One to One Coaching for Senior Leaders, Functional Specialists and Owner Managers

If your issues are leading, motivating, communicating, influencing, self-motivation, resilience or confidence related, then our experienced Executive Coach Jo Haworth can work in partnership with you to improve your performance and widen your skill set. She takes time to understand your world, motivations and values. Next she works together with you to develop your vision of success and establish clear actions. Jo uses frank, helpful information with psychometrics and /or 360˚ feedback to improve your self-awareness. Where possible she will work with others in your organisation - the more people you involve, the more successful you are likely to be.

Group Coaching for Leaders, Functional Specialists and Owner Managers

Jo also provides group coaching for small groups of 4-6 people. In group coaching you can achieve some of the rapid progress of individual coaching with the extra benefits from facilitated discussions with your peers. You have to be ready / willing to share your issues with others and help as well as be helped. Awareness raising tools of 360 feedback and psychometrics are used and shared in the group for greater insight as well as practical action planning to ensure changes are transferred into your context and not just discussed in a talk shop. This group coaching option can work out better value for buyers as the coach time cost is spread across 4-6 people. It can also help to build bridges between different parts of an organisation which might have limited understanding of each others’ perspectives.'