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Dr Maddy Loat

Dr Maddy Loat, AFBPsS

BA, BSc, PGDip, DClinPsy, Group Analyst

Maddy is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Group Analyst with 25 years’ experience of working in the NHS and private practice. She is also a clinical supervisor, trainer, part-time university lecturer and author.

Maddy works with individuals, couples and groups. A highly experienced clinician, she has worked across an extensive range of areas within the field of mental health. These experiences have left her with a strong belief that all mental health problems can be understood and worked with, no matter how confusing and distressing they may feel, so that those seeking help are able to move forward in a way that feels authentic and rewarding. She has trained in a number of different therapeutic modalities and usually works from a psychoanalytic and group-analytic perspective.

Early on in her career, Maddy developed a special interest in the therapeutic potential of groups, specifically the way they can help redress increasingly common experiences of isolation, alienation and dislocation. She works closely with the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) in London and with the Group Analytic Society International (GASI), holding the position of Chair in New Readings in Group Analysis and in her role as Book Review Editor for Group Analysis, the International Journal of Group-Analytic Psychotherapy.

Maddy is the author of ‘Mutual Support and Mental Health: A Route to Recovery’ (JKP: 2011) and has published in various leading academic journals.