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Change of Harley Street
Change of Harley Street

Child & Adolescent Therapy

At CoHS we offer services to children and teenagers plus their families and carers using evidence-based practice. We help with emotional issues like bed-wetting, school refusal, mild eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety and depression, relationship problems with friends or within the family. We help too with academic challenges such as study plans, access arrangements for exams, assessing learning problems, coaching for ADHD, Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities. Our clinicians will develop an individualised approach which is bespoke to your child or family’s needs and circumstances.

As a general rule of thumb, parents and carers are invited to join in with the therapeutic process in some part, especially with children under 16 years old. Children are not living alone, but within a family system that itself can be an important part of coping and recovery. Parents or carers might be invited to a session independent of the therapeutic work with their child, so they can ask questions and hear about the work taking place. Or they might be invited to join the end of each session, for example, so they understand what their child’s ongoing needs might be. Sometimes it helps to bring the whole family together for therapy, which then takes place alongside their child’s individual work. Collaboration is key.